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User levels available in TwentyThree

TwentyThree offers three main user levels; Admin, Editor and Visitor. In addition to this, the TwentyThree account holds one Owner. The Owner level has access to subscription details and the Owner can only be changed by TwentyThree. To change an Owner, please contact us.

The following user levels are explained below.

What do the user types mean?

  • Administrator: Administrators on the site can control every details of the account, including the design, access restriction, user access and more.

  • Editor: Editors can log into the TwentyThree backend and manage videos, live events and categories—and get full feedback from analytics.

  • Visitor: Registered visitors on the other hand cannot access the backend. Such users can only see the video website from the front-end.

Visit this page to learn how to add or remove users from your TwentyThree account.

How to change user levels

The user level can be changed by account admins. Click on the Settings cogwheel in the upper right corner → Users → Manage user → Change permissions where you can select the user level for the specific user.