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Copenhagen, May 30 2024

TwentyThree Summit

600+ video changemakers. 50+ speakers. 30+ sessions. 6 stages. 1 day in Copenhagen. Europe's largest conference on video returns this May 30, 2024.

The TwentyThree Summit Theme

Video is no longer tomorrow’s technology.
Your customers spend 59% of their time online watching video.
Your meetings are video. Your events are video.
Your customer touchpoints are becoming video.
Your website should be video and webinars.
Video is Now.


Theatre Stage

TwentyThree Keynote


Lars Silberbauer


Thomas Vinterberg


Puk Scharbau


Jon Mowat


Cinema Stage

Web Video


The Video Pioneers


Enabling Video at Every Touchpoint


The Shift to Video


The First 30 Years of Digital and What's Ahead

Fireside chat

Market Stage

TwentyThree Webinars5


Get The Most out of TwentyThree


15 Essential Webinar Formats


Get More Signups for your Webinars

Keynote and Q&A

15 Essential Video Formats


Space Stage

Meet the Video People


Meet 5 Video Agencies


Innovating with Video


Think Webinars Everywhere


Future of the Video Agency


Irma Stage

Meet the Video Changemakers


The CMO Perspective on Video


Video in the Martech Stack


Building a Video Strategy


Get More From Your Video Investment


Lounge Stage

Ask the Keynote Speaker Anything


Fake vs. Real Video

Fireside chat

Camera Love

Interactive Keynote

Production Masterclass


Building a Video Team


The Speakers

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Lars Silberbauer

CMO, Nokia

Lars Silberbauer is an internationally renowned video marketing veteran responsible for transforming LEGO, Nokia, and the Olympics into video-first organisations.

Frame 7417

Puk Scharbau


The Bridge’s Puk Scharbau applies her years of experience as an award-winning actor to helping company executives communicate - and shine - on camera.

Thomas v

Thomas Vinterberg

Film Director

Director of the Oscar-winning ‘Another Round’ and Dogme 95 founding member Thomas Vinterberg is one of the defining filmmakers of our times.

Chris weier

Chris Weier

Innovation expert

Co-creation and design-led innovation expert Chris Weier facilitates workshops, like her current Video Innovation Workshops, that unlock participants’ creativity.

John mowat

Jon Mowat

Founder, Hurricane Group

Founder of leading video agency Hurricane Group, and author of ‘Video Marketing’ - now translated into 5 languages - Jon Mowat is a pioneer in the field of video.


Nabila Moumen

Partner Success Manager, HubSpot

Published author and certified coach, Nabila combines her know-how in cross-channel marketing, commercial strategy, and inbound methodology to unlock paths to growth.

Nick de la force

Nick de la Force

Co-founder & Creative Director, Vidzero

Nick de la Force is a video producer who leverages his past experience with Apple and Microsoft to bring humanity, fun, and energy to the brands he works with.

Amelia headshot

Amelia Holmsen

Marketing Manager, TwentyThree

Amelia has hosted multiple international video events that have brought people together to drive the industry forward and challenge the status quo.

Tapio haaja

Tapio Haaja

Development Director, Sanoma

Tapio Haaja is a digital marketing expert with 20 years’ experience at the forefront of video marketing innovation.

Richard foleon

Richard Francis

VP of Marketing & Business Development, Foleon

A firm believer that storytelling is one of the biggest levers of commercial success, Richard brings marketing and business strategy together for Foleon, the fast-growing content creation platform.

Thomas headshot

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

CEO & Co-Founder, TwentyThree

Joran foleon

Joran Bloemen

Product Education Manager at Foleon

Joran drives engagement and fosters community for Dutch content marketing software Foleon’s webinars.

Thomas Palermo

Thomas Palermo

Agency Founder & Marketing Strategist

Founder of the digital marketing agency, Naked, Thomas advises his B2B clients on accelerating sales with video and marketing automation.

Martin Edenström

Martin Edenström

Editor in Chief, MKSE & CEO, Consid

CEO of Consid and founder and EIC of leading digital Martech news site MKSE, Martin uses his knowledge as a marketing and business leader to inform 12,000+ readers a day.

Minke foleon

Minke Kiers

Associate Director, Customer Marketing & Programs at Foleon

An experienced marketer who advises clients on scaling content programs, Minke will be sharing her insights on implementing video throughout the customer funnel.


Steffen Fagerström Christensen

CTO & Co-Founder, TwentyThree


Felix Stein

Video Producer

Felix is a Stockholm-based video producer who turned his passion into a career, having worked for internationally known brands like Mercedes-Bendz, H&M, and Wieghtwatchers.


Miguel Bisbal

Head of Content Marketing, Famly

Miguel is the video and webinar strategist driving the shift to video at Famly, Europe’s fastest growing early childhood platform.


Carina Fogsgaard Christiansen

Digital Learning Manager, CA

Carina has been instrumental in driving webinar adoption at CA, a 68,000-strong membership organisation. Under Carina’s watch, webinars have become an essential platform for education and training.


Peter Arvad Larsen

Founder, DONNA Media

Peter is a creative storyteller whose approach is rooted in the power of emotion. His production company DONNA Media has created campaigns for LEGO House,, Visma, and more.


Janne Eriksson


In his role as CCO, Janne oversaw a strong shift to video at Intersolia, a Europe-wide chemical health and safety consultancy.


Niels Hartvig

Founder, Umbraco

A website builder since his teens, Niels is the founder of Umbraco, the open source content management system used by over 700,000 websites.

Sara Fritzon

Sara Fritzon

Senior Global Production Manager

With more than 15 years in the digital media industry, Sara is a Senior Global Production Manager utilising cutting-edge technology and a passion for storytelling to stream live events worldwide.


Lars Fløe Nielsen

Co-founder, Sitecore

Co-founder of Sitecore, a global customer experience management platform used by more than 10,000 websites, Lars is a web and digital legend with over 20 years in the business.


Casper Noreen Frid

VP of Growth, Accutics

With a strong focus on the data side of digital transformation, Casper is building Accutics’ global customer touchpoints through video.


Dan Gärdenfors

CEO & designer, nobiz

As owner-operator at the Malmö-based design agency, nobiz, Dan helps companies of all sizes explain what they do now, while prototyping new product offerings for the future.

Headshot Sara Storm

Sara Storm

CRO, Break the Box

With a background in commercial organisations, Break the Box founder Sara is a pioneer and evangelist in enabling teams to use video to convert across the sales funnel.

George Mole

George Mole

Senior Video & Brand Executive, Bird & Bird

George is a professional videographer with a decade’s experience creating and managing high-quality video content for companies of all sizes.


Julius Altenburger

Product Manager, TwentyThree

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Senior Marketing & Brand Manager, Bird & Bird

Michelle has been instrumental in changing the video landscape of a whole industry, having led the video efforts of Bird & Bird, a leading international law firm with 32 offices and 1,700 lawyers around the world.

Bart Buerman

Bart Buerman

Video Producer

Bart Buerman is a video producer who focuses on sustainable, agile live video production with his own travelling one-person studio and outside broadcast bike.

Alice löfgren

Alice Löfgren

Creative Lead, Netflix Nordic

With experience at legendary agency Forsman & Bodenfors, Netflix Nordic, and Minecraft developer Mojang, Alice is passionate about brand storytelling through video.

Head Shot George Storm

George Storm

CEO, Break the Box

George has spent more than half his life in a variety of sales roles and is now the CEO of Break the Box & Skills. He's worked on projects with several Fortune 500 brands worldwide & trained over 1,000 people in sales execution.

Pedro Bjerregaard

Pedro Bjerregaard

Head of Creative, CPHFAMILY

A creative force and partner at video agency CPHFAMILY, Pedro excels in transforming digital strategies into captivating visual stories and experiences.

John tiniakos

John Tiniakos

Principal Customer Success Manager, Templafy

John is a customer success leader who has transformed the customer journey at document generation platform Templafy into webinar touchpoints.

Rasmus Barfoed

Rasmus Barfoed

VP of Engineering, TwentyThree

Mads Fuhr 1 provided 46266

Mads Fuhr Frederiksen

General Manager & Partner Manager, AKQA

Working at the intersection of design, business, and technology for 20 years, Mads is currently General Manager at AKQA, a global agency with 3,000 employees over 20 countries.

Peter Schaufuss

Peter Schaufuss

Web Manager, The Royal Theatre

A Web Manager and content creator, Peter was responsible for the shift to video of the Danish Royal Theatre’s online marketing.

Beata Enmark

Beata Enmark

Head of B2B Marketing, Tele2

Head of B2B Marketing at Tele2, Sweden’s second largest telecom company, Beata has a strategic approach to becoming video first in their events with business customers in mind.

DSC02313 1

Sander Kuypers

Head of Design, TwentyThree

Nathaniel Beaumont

Nathaniel Beaumont

Global Marketing Manager, Hive

A passionate marketer who is spearheading the global marketing efforts at Hive, a European employee experience platform, using video to strengthen corporate networks.

BA5 A6482 Johnny Axelsson Samtyckt 220304

Johnny Axelsson

Head of Social Media, PwC

Johnny leads the video team at PwC, part of the second largest professional services company in the world with 364,000 employees over 151 countries, where he trains and enables video across the organisation.


Katariina Saarinen

Content Marketing Lead, Lyyti

Katariina brings her experience at Finnish event management software company Lyyti to present the most engaging and informative webinar formats.

Paolo Campagnoli

Paolo Campagnoli

Video Content Lead, Unmuted

Paolo is an Amsterdam-based video producer and strategist who drives the shift to video wherever he goes, from Growth Tribe to Unmuted.

Casper Theilgaard

Casper Theilgaard

Head of Marketing, itm8

With a strong background in webinar program management, Casper now optimised the webinar strategy at itm8, a global IT company with 1,700 employees.


Aaron Bateman

Brand Consultant, TwentyThree

Aaron is a communication consultant and brand strategist for some of Denmark's fastest-growing start-ups and scale-ups.

Lasse Høfeldt

Lasse Høgfeldt

Head of Communications, Jyske Bank

Lasse is a globally recognised first-mover in video who, in 2008, transformed Nordic challenger bank Jyske Bank’s Communication Department into an award winning online TV station, Jyske Bank TV.


Jessica Lindoff

Event Manager, Tele2

With extensive events experience at Meta, Jessica now runs the webinar program for Tele2, Sweden’s second-largest telecom company and the highest-ranked Swedish company in the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s Climate Leaders.

Theis photo

Theis Nielsen

Client Onboarding Manager, TwentyThree

582h Qc An 400x400

Lev Cribb

Managing Director, WebinarExperts

Lev is the founder of WebinarExperts, a leading British agency specialising in live digital communication, working with global brands to build their webinar programs and strategies.

Lise Halskov

Lise Halskov

Marketing Consultant

Simon Crofts

Simon Crofts

Client Services Director, Big Button

Ania photo

Ania Jasińska

Client Specialist, TwentyThree

Benjamin Thereaux

Benjamin Thereaux

CEO, Sensitive Live Media

A France based creative producer and live-streaming director, Benjamin has been working at the intersection of audiovisual and digital production for 15 years.

Fia Højsleth

Fia Højsleth

Content event specialist & Partner, CPHFAMILY


"There were a lot of really interesting, insightful, and incredibly nice people sharing their thoughts on video in business at the TwentyThree Summit! It was also the best live event I've been to in a long time."

Nick de la Force, Brand Storyteller and Video Creator

Speaker call out

Open call for speakers

Do you want to share your insights with the video people of Europe, or know someone who has a unique perspective on the field? Just email Amelia Holmsen,, to suggest a speaker.

One day in Copenhagen to change your company's perspective on video forever


Over 30 workshops, keynotes, panels, and deep-dive case studies to supercharge your company’s video.


More than 50 pioneers, experts, and leaders sharing their video strategies for success.


Connect with 600 of the people driving the change to video in their companies.

Meet video people from 30+ countries

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Repubic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

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Attended by companies that take video seriously

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