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Uploading video

Uploading a video
When you want to upload a video to TwentyThree, make sure you are on a steady internet connection and you are using as modern a browser as possible. To secure the smoothest upload process, we recommend using the latest version
Preparing uploads for quality playback
TwentyThree accepts all common video formats in all resolutions, but with a few tweaks you can guarantee yourself faster upload and processing with the highest possible quality: Video size Full HD format on TwentyThree is 1920x1080
Supported video formats
TwentyThree is built to make it easy to upload and use any kind of video files on the web. When you upload a file, the system will test whether the upload file is a valid video file — and if it is supported by TwentyThree.
Uploading videos without user access (Open Upload)
In normal circumstances users must have access to the backend of your workspace in order for them to upload videos. But sometimes you might want to enable other people to upload videos.
Embedding and linking your videos
The videos you have uploaded will be shown on your video website automatically as soon as you have published them and placed them in a category, without the need for you to do anything else.