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Analyse your webinar performance

Measure, track and act on all your webinar insights

Understanding webinar analytics and attendance data
In the webinar overview page you can get a quick overview of key analytics and who attended the event. If you want to go more into depth, just click on view all in the respective section. Key analytics Here you can learn about how...
Evaluate the performance of a webinar
After your webinar is before the next webinar! What you want to do at this stage is to evaluate your webinar, looking at analytics and attendance to learn for the next one. Also, some people might have missed your webinar or would like...
Evaluate your webinar engagement
Webinars allow you to engage your audience on many different fronts, with chats, questions, polls and handouts. The Engagement Tab is the home for all your webinar engagement and allows you to easily analyse and evaluate how people...
Exporting webinar attendee statistics
After your webinar, you might want to download your attendance statistics to upload to your CRM, marketing automation system or BI tool. With TwentyThree webinars, you can extract those attendance statistics as a CSV file, for simple...

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