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Using Marketo together with TwentyThree

Video is a powerful tool in marketing automation and lead scoring since engagement and actions can be measured directly. Videos, live events, and webinars are also a really effective way to identify visitors as qualified leads.

The Audience and Collector features in TwentyThree are built exactly for this purpose. Using the product you will be able to convert, track, and follow viewers of your videos directly from TwentyThree.

When you connect your Marketo account to TwentyThree, all the information becomes available within Marketo as well: Contact information, viewer data, video engagement scores, and more.

In addition, contact information is synced between TwentyThree and Marketo. This means that contacts from Marketo will automatically be available in Audience, and that you won't need to ask for lead information twice.

What is Marketo? And how does it work with TwentyThree?

Marketo is a marketing automation system and CRM. It is used by marketing and sales teams to work with contacts and leads. This is done by tracking online activity and using calls-to-action to convert visitors into named contacts. From here, marketing outreach may be automated or the sales team may use the contact information in the sales process.

When TwentyThree and Marketo are connected information about contacts and their activity is shared between the two products.

The integration is built with what we call two-way sync, which has two major benefits:

Connecting to Marketo

Setting up Marketo for connection requires a few different steps within Marketo itself. Specifically, you will need to set up custom activities for video and collector information, and you may choose to set up a program and/or a partition for leads and activity coming from TwentyThree.

Connect: Configure subdomain on TwentyThree

In order for account and profile information to be synced automatically, we recommend that TwentyThree is set up to run from a subdomain to main site domain. This will make sure that TwentyThree and Marketo share the same tracking information, which will also guard against duplicate profiles.

Connect: Set up service credentials

To access lead and activity information in Marketo, you need to create new service credentials for TwentyThree. In order to do so you need to first create an appropriate role and API user:

Now you will be able to create the custom service, using the new API user.

Connect: Set up fields for lead details

For every video viewer, TwentyThree will collect key stats such as videos and minutes played. To sync this to the contact card in the leads database:

Type Name API Name
Integer Number of videos played twentythree_number_of_videos_played
Integer Number of video visits twentythree_number_of_videos_visits
Integer Total video playback (minutes) twentythree_total_video_playback
Integer Video engagement score twentythree_video_engagement_score
String TwentyThree User Identifier twentythree_uuid

By default, the fields are added to the Lead Info category, which is also where you want it.

Connect: Set up custom activity for video views

TwentyThree forwards two kinds of custom data to Marketo: Information about a video or a live event being watched; and information from collectors about gating and conversion. To capture this information, Marketo must be configured with the correct custom activities.

Name API Name Data Type
* Event identifier id string
Category category string
Duration (timestamp) duration string
Duration (seconds) durationSeconds integer
Is live event isLive boolean
Video link link string
Video tags tags string
Video title title string
User Identifier on TwentyThree twentythree_uuid string
Event Identifier on TwentyThree twentythree_event_id string
Video watched (timestamp) watched string
Video watched (percentage) watchedPercentage integer
Video watched (seconds) watchedSeconds integer
Video identifier object string
Base URL base_url string
Heatmap heatmap string
People link peopleLink string

Connect: Set up custom activity for collector information

The second custom activity is added much like the previous one:

Name API Name Data Type
* Event identifier id string
Video object object string
Video category category string
E-mail email string
Company name company string
First name firstName string
Last name lastName string
Title personTitle string
Phone phone string
Is live event isLive boolean
Video link link string
Video tags tags string
Video title title string
User Identifier on TwentyThree twentythree_uuid string
Event Identifier on TwentyThree twentythree_event_id string
Base URL base_url string
People link peopleLink string

Connect: Set up a Marketo program for leads and activities

Marketo track lead activity within programs, and to connect you should set up a new program for TwentyThree:

Connect: Set up TwentyThree

After Marketo has been set up with the steps above, go to TwentyThree and click the Marketo icon in the Connect section. Here, input the information gathered above:

Video usage information in Marketo

TwentyThree collects individual viewer information and calculated video usage -- such as the number of videos played and the total video engagement minutes for that contact. The tracking will also calculate a video engagement score between 0 and 100 based on the interaction.

This information is automatically updated on the Marketo profile:

Using custom activities with leads

When Marketo and TwentyThree are configured with custom activities the Activity Log tab for all leads will be updated with two different kinds of information:

How to: Segment Marketo contacts based on videos watched

After the integration is set up, there are a number of options for creating lists and workflows around video data. For example, you can create a Smartlist using the properties:

This will give you a list of all contacts that have watched a video.

To filter further you can add more constraints to the list. For example:

These constraints can be combined as needed.

How to: Segment Marketo contacts based on total video usage

The same method can also be used to segment contact by total video usage, for example how many videos were played; how many minutes of video have been watched; or by the aggregate video engagement score in TwentyThree.

For this, all the video usage properties listed above are available.

How to: Create a Smart List of webinar registrants

When setting up a webinar in TwentyThree, it is important to ensure that you are able to get attendees data into a list in Marketo by using Smart Lists.

When creating your list you need to set ‘Has signed up on video’ as the trigger, add Video Object from the ‘Add Constraint’, where the video object is set to ‘is’ and then your webinar ID in the last field.

To find the webinar ID you will need to go to the TwentyThree backend and find the webinar you want to use in the Marketo Smart List. You can then copy/paste the last it of the URL which is the Webinar ID.

This will give you a Smart List of all new registrants to the specific webinar.

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