Run a live event

Record the live event

You can record any part of the live video stream and the recorded clips can be made available for playback immediately. We recommend that you record all parts of the event and publish them as quickly as possible.

Automatic or manual recording

Define if the recordings should start automatically and if the recording should be published when ready. If you indicate automatic recording this will happen as soon as you go live with the event. This can be done under Production → Set up recording.

If recordings are set to be handled manually you simply click "Record" in the top right corner to start the recording.

Stop and start the recordings

By stopping and starting the recordings you can save both time on transcoding and post-production time. An example would be to stop recording during breaks or in between speakers on a stage.

In the real-time analytics you can see when recordings have been stopped and started.

Create clips and edit recordings

If you have chosen to record the stream, all the videos will start to prepare for playback as soon as you press "stop recording" or "stop streaming" on your streaming device. These videos are now ready for future distribution. Live recordings will rarely start and stop at the exact right time.

You may want to trim the recordings by removing intros and breaks or divide them into smaller clips. Read more about the cutting videos here. As with any other TwentyThree content you can manage this video by configuring things like title, description, thumbnail and sharing. Read more about managing video content.

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