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Running polls in your webinar

Polls are a great way to engage your webinar’s audience and receive feedback from them while running the webinar. You can create and prepare your polls before the webinar, run multiple polls with your audience during your webinar and show the results to your audience in the webinar to discuss them further.

We track all poll answers, link the right audience profiles to them and send this data straight to your integrated marketing automation system, so you can use this data to help your lead scoring and attribution. Only the host can set up and see poll answers as well as share them during the webinar. 

Running polls in your webinar

Creating polls

You can prepare your polls before or during your webinar, so you can both have all your polls ready to go before you go live or set them up as you go or when inspiration strikes. 

  • To create a poll, enter the webinar room as a host from the backend and click “Polls” in the engagement sidebar.
  • Next, click the “+ Create New Poll” button and type in your poll question. Then type in your answer options. By default there will be two options, but you can add up to 7 options by clicking “+ Add Another”.
  • When you have added in your question and answer options click “Create Poll” to save it.

Note that the poll will be automatically saved, so if you exit the webinar room and come back your poll will still be there but you are not able to run the poll until it has been saved.

Running polls

When you have set up your poll, you can start displaying it to the audience and collecting votes.

  • To start your poll, from the poll tab, click “Start Poll” on the poll you want to run. Your poll will then be displayed to the audience in the engagement sidebar. You will see the votes from your audience in your own main sidebar.
  • When you have given the audience time to vote on your poll you can click “Close Poll” to end the voting.

If you don’t close your poll before ending the webinar, your poll will continue to run as a part of the on demand experience.

Displaying poll results

After you close the poll you have the option to share the results with the audience.

  • To do so, click “Show Results” on the poll whose results you want to share. This will display the results in the audience’s engagement sidebar, as well as in your own main sidebar.
  • To stop showing the poll results to the audience simply click “Stop Showing Results”.
  • You can also click the eye icon on the poll to overlay the results over the video feed. Click the icon again to stop showing the results.

Analyse poll engagement

After you webinar you can further analyse your poll engagement and results from the Engagement tab. There you will see all the polls you ran during the webinar, and how many poll votes you gathered. For each poll you can see the number of votes and the split between answers. Furthermore, you can click “View” next to an answer to see the Audience profiles that voted for that answer and you are also able to download your poll results as a CSV file.