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How to create and modify emails

Communication around the webinar is just as important as the event itself. Sending reminder emails will help to ensure that the registrants will actually attend your webinar. Following up with a thank you email and sharing the recording gives attendees the chance to rewatch part of the webinar.

Every time you create a webinar there is already a default sequence of emails set up. You can preview all emails, modify them and create new ones. To preview each of the emails, just click on the Preview button. Below we show you how.

Preview emails

Thank you

This is a confirmation email. Immediately after a visitor registers for your webinar, they will receive this thank you email with a call to action to add the event to their calendar.

Your webinar is tomorrow

Twenty-four hours before the webinar, all registrants will receive a first reminder email. The call to action takes them to the webinar page where they can read about the webinar and the speakers.

Your webinar is about to start

Fifteen minutes before the webinar, all registrants will receive a final reminder. The call to action will prompt them to the webinar page, where they will be able to enter the waiting room.

Thank you for attending

An hour after the event, all attendees will receive a thank you email.

You missed the webinar: here's the recording

All the registrants that did not end up attending the event will receive this email, allowing them to watch the webinar on demand. This email will only be sent out if your webinar recording is made available on demand.

The webinar recording is now available

If you make your webinar available on demand, an email will be sent out to attendees alerting them of the recording being ready. This email will only be sent out if the recording is made available on demand.

Create and modify emails

The default sequence of emails covers all important information that registrants need to receive at the right point in time. You can of course edit these emails and add new ones.

Edit, disable, send now or reschedule

You can adjust the content of all emails by clicking on the email. You can also disable individuals to remove them from the sequence.

You can always send emails in the sequence immediately or choose to reschedule them. You can also send test emails to your self to see how the emails will look in an email client.

Create another email

You can of course also add new emails to the sequence. Here you can define the subject, message, and call to action. You can also select a specific target group for your email.