Using HubSpot together with TwentyThree

Audience & Connect

Video is a powerful tool in marketing automation and lead scoring, since engagement and actions can be measured directly. Videos, live events and webinars are also a really effective way to identify visitors as qualified leads.

The Audience and Collector features in TwentyThree are built exactly for this purpose. Using the product you will be able to convert, track and follow viewers of your videos directly from TwentyThree.

When you connect your HubSpot account to TwentyThree, all the information becomes available within HubSpot as well: Contact information, viewer data, video engagement scores and more.

In addition, contact information is synced between TwentyThree and HubSpot. This means that contacts from HubSpot will automatically be available in Audience and that you won't need to ask for lead information twice.

What is HubSpot? And how does it work with TwentyThree?

HubSpot is a marketing automation system and CRM system. It is used by marketing and sales teams to work with contacts and leads. This is done by tracking online activity and using calls-to-action to convert visitors into named contacts. From here, marketing outreach may be automated or the sales team may use contact information in the sales process.

When TwentyThree and HubSpot are connected, information about contacts and their activity is shared between the two products.

The native integration is built with what we call two-way sync, which has two major benefits:

  • First, contact information and detailed video usage information from TwentyThree is made available directly in HubSpot—where this can be used for lead scoring, email campaigns, lead creation and much more.

  • Second, TwentyThree will automatically detect if a contact already exists in HubSpot—and then reuse that information without asking visitors to identify again. This ensures a great user experience and the best possible data foundation for your video marketing.

Connecting to HubSpot

To connect, click the HubSpot icon in the Connect section of TwentyThree. After this you'll be asked to log into HubSpot and authenticate access. When this is done, click the Save connection button. That's it!

In order for account and profile information to be synced automatically, we recommend that TwentyThree is set up to run from a subdomain to the main site domain. Also, the TwentyThree domain should be added to the list of domains in HubSpot. This is done under Settings → Reports & Analytics Tracking → Advanced Tracking.

Two-way sync of contact information

With the connection in place, contact information will be synchronized between HubSpot and TwentyThree. This means that you can use collectors in TwentyThree to convert viewers into leads.

When a video is played by a contact already in HubSpot, the profile information will also be available when using Audience in TwentyThree. This also means that already identified/known contacts will not be subject to gating in videos, webinars and live events -- and will not need to fill in information twice.

When a contact is updated in HubSpot, information such as name, email address, phone number and title will automatically be updated in Audience as well.

See who's watching on the HubSpot timeline

When a viewer plays videos, webinar and live events from TwentyThree, detailed progress information is posted on the contact's timeline. This includes the video title and how much of the video was played. 

Similarly, the timeline is updated when a person converts by filling in a collector or signing up for a webinar. The event will show what video or webinar drove the conversion or signup; and the submitted information is included in the details.

You can find a full list of data available in HubSpot here.

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