Uploading video

TwentyThree Upload iPhone app

The iPhone application, TwentyThree Upload, allows you to connect your iPhone to a TwentyThree account and upload video content directly from your iPhone to your workspace. Upload a video from your camera roll, or instantly record a new video to be uploaded. While your video is uploading, add metadata for the video, such as title and description.

Installing the application

Visit the App Store in your iPhone or click this link this link to locate the application. Download the app on your iPhone and launch the app to get started.

How to use the uploader app

Choose video from library

Simply choose the video you want to upload, preview the video to make sure it's the right video before you click "Choose". As the video is uploading you can add meta data for the video, such as title and description.

Record a new video

As an alternative to uploading an already existing video, you can choose to record a brand new video directly in the TwentyThree uploader application. Simply choose the option called "Record a new video". This action launches the camera on your iPhone. Press the Record button to start and stop the video recording. When you've recorded the video, you can choose to watch a preview, do a retake or use the video you just recorded. When you click "Use Video" the video is uploaded, and you can add meta data for the video, such as title and description.

Using the app without a TwentyThree username

You can set the application to allow uploads from non-users, for example competitions, crowdsourcing of video content or allowing external video producers creating content for you visitors to your site. For these purposes you'll set up an Open Upload which basically is a video upload form that you can link to directly on the workspace - or you can keep it hidden and simply distribute the upload form's secret URL to those who should be able to upload videos.

Read all about how to set up Open Uploads and make sure you check of the option of using this Open Upload as the default upload option in the TwentyThree mobile upload app.

Can I cancel an upload?

Yes, as long as the uploader process is active you can click X to cancel the upload.

Can I delete videos that are uploaded from the app?

Videos uploaded via the app need to be deleted in the TwentyThree backend. This means that only users of TwentyThree can delete videos.

Can I moderate the uploads?

Your Open Upload can be either "Moderated" or "Public". If you choose Public, videos will become available on your workspace as soon as they are uploaded and has been prepared for playback. If you make your Open Upload moderated, uploaded videos will not be published automatically. Choose this option, if you wish to review uploaded content, before it is made publicly available.

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