Learn How Branch Improved Their Video Attribution Data with TwentyThree

Branch (branch.io) is the mobile linking infrastructure for the world’s top brands like Airbnb, Pinterest, and Starbucks. Their solutions help marketers drive user interactions into mobile apps, where engagement is higher and conversions increase. Naturally, Branch uses a lot of video to reach out to their audience of marketers and developers. From product videos to webinars to live streams of their Mobile Growth Meetup, Branch’s video strategy was lacking one thing: measurement.

Branch had previously relied on video hosting services like YouTube and Facebook to share their video content, but those platforms didn’t provide the insight they sought, nor the integration with their marketing automation platform, Marketo.

After implementing TwentyThree, Branch was able to capture leads through gated video forms, see video activity inside Marketo and Salesforce, and ultimately, improve their full-funnel data to support their sales and marketing departments.


conversion rate on gated video forms


leads identified in Marketo engaging with video


Average engagement minutes